Transit Port Operations

ANDELOG Transit Port Operations

Turkey is not only a bridge between west and east, but an intersection point between continents, Asia, Europe and Africa; a commercial joint between the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, the Balkans and the Middle East.

ANDE Logistics operates at every critical sea port in Turkey, which are the key logistical bases for Russia and Ukraine originated grain and pulses traffic.

Since 2011, we serve our customers with outmost care, providing fast, accurate, quality service. Our process management methodologies with zero mistake tolerance brought us a well deserved name as a trusted business partner at port operations, handling 80% of transit grains and pulses traffic through Turkey.

We discharge a typical 3000 metric ton vessel in an average of 36 hours. We guarantee that required equipment and spaces in vessels are available for our customers. We offer flexible free times. We broaden our customers target markets with Methyl Bromide fumigation services.

Enjoy our fast, accurate and quality services with optimal costs.

  • Lashing Services
  • Discharge of
    Bulk Vessel
  • Stuffing/Loading
    of Containers
  • Inspection &
  • Transportation
    of Containers
  • Customs &
  • Documentation

Our lashing services involves fixing the bulkheads inside the containers prior to the stuffing.

We carefully plan and organize the material and equipment required for each project, keep a wide-range and sufficient volume of stock at the point of discharge. Our specialized and experienced stevedores work effectively for an efficient and quick discharge and stuffing.

We can handle a large volume of work in an efficient, safe and timely manner, with attention to detail and continuous flexibility to change during our assignments.