Turkey is not only a bridge between west and east,
but an intersection point between continents, Asia, Europe and Africa;
a commercial joint between the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, the Balkans and the Middle East.

ANDE Logistics, headquartered in Istanbul, operates at every critical sea port in Turkey,
which are the key logistical bases for
Russia and Ukraine originated grains and pulses traffic.

Since 2011,
we serve our customers with outmost care, providing fast, accurate, quality services.
Our process management methodologies with zero mistake tolerance
brought us a well deserved name as a trusted business partner at port operations,
handling 90% of transit grains and pulses traffic through Turkey.


Transit Port Operations

ANDELOG Transit Port Operations

We provide one stop comprehensive logistics and shipping services for our customers.

We discharge a typical 3000 metric ton vessel in an average of 36 hours.

We guarantee that required equipment and spaces in vessels are available,
offer flexible free times.

We broaden our customers' target markets with Methyl Bromide fumigation services.

Enjoy our fast, accurate and quality services with optimal costs.

Transit Operations

Turkey is a key logistical base for Russia & Ukraine originated grains & pulses traffic, as sizable vessels cannot be floated through the canals and small canal vessels cannot be protrude to the oceans. Additionally, handling costs in Russian ports are relatively higher, which makes transit operations in Turkey a most feasible option.

We have been serving our customers since 2011. Our aim is zero mistake. We guarantee the availability of equipment and space in the vessels. We provide methyl bromide fumigation services, which is a prerequisite in several countries.

Our experienced and competent staff provide fast, accurate service with our excelled process management methodology:

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    Each vessel is draft-surveyed prior to the docking the port.
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    We lash the containers by fixing the bulkheads.
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    Each container is inspected by a customer-appointed, internationally recognized inspection and verification company.
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    We use special cranes and grabs for discharging the vessel. Our aim is “No Wastage – No Damage”
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    We tilt the containers using tipping chassis and stuff them with specially designed bunkers.
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    Samples are collected from each stuffed container, marked and sent for tests.
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    All containers are fumigated with aluminium phosphide or methyl bromide.
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    Inspection company makes a composite sample analysis.
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    We coordinate the preparation of import/export customs clearance documents.
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    We prepare shipping instructions prior to the export of containers.

Project Based Transportation

We design unique, specific and optimal cost solutions for your nonstandard transportation requirements of short-term or long-term projects. Our experienced and competent experts create tailor-make solutions for each project.

  • Process Management

  • Consultancy on setup procedures and operational requirements of logistical processes for start-up foreign trade companies.

  • Container Transportation

  • Optimal cost solutions between Turkish ports and Far East, Middle East, Europe, Africa and USA, with regular weekly schedules.

  • Chartering & Brokerage

  • Identification of the right vessel based on the specifications of the cargo, on partial or full board rental basis. We source dry cargo, bulk, ro-ro or multi-purpose vessels.

  • Storage

  • The most cost-effective storage solutions in Turkey and abroad, utilizing our wide spread supplier network, for sourcing of warehouses and depots.

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